Sunday, 26 May 2019

Spring 2019 - 3

Cornell Community Garden (CCG) Friends,
Here is an update as of May 26th.  The City replaced the broken/damaged plastic box that houses the water meter.   They also obliged and delivered a load of Composted Manure. and a load of Wood Chips. Thanks to The City of Markham (Mathew).

Our garden members came in on the long weekend to prepare the beds, 17 of them in total  of varying sizes, I mean the beds. They sifted / screened and bagged the compost from last year consisting of garden waste - plant materials + Fall Leaves, 20 bags in all collected from along road side by our members + used coffee ground donated by Star Bucks. The compost looks fabulous brimming with microbes and earth worms. Thanks to the Mother Nature.

We cleared the garden beds and added composted manure and a sprinkle of Bone Meal to replenish depleted nutrients and raked them in. Few of the raised beds need more soil to bring the level up so members could work without bending too much. Some beds were ready for planting. We added our home made compost and planted.

As of May 26th the following are in the ground:
  1.  Beans, Long/Yard
  2. Cabbage ( 3 Varieties)
  3. Collards
  4. Brussels Sprouts
  5. Eggplants
  6. Kale
  7. Kohlrabi
  8. Lettuce, Head (Seeded)
  9. Pak Choi
  10. Snow Peas (seeded)
  11. Sugar Snap Peas (Seeded)
  12. Pepper Hot
  13. Pepper Scotch Bonnet
  14. Radish (Seeded)
  15. Swiss Chard (Seeded)
  16. Tomato, Cherry
  17. Tomato, Roma
  18. Zucchini
There are more in waiting for their turn.
 Eight Eggplants, still tiny

 Four Zucchinis just planted

 Our faithful Rhubarb, ready for the harvest

You nay have come to know that we had Bunnies in one of our beds. Well we rented our garden bed   to a couple and they bred three by the spring. That was not in our agreement. So we gave them two weeks notice.. They left early and took revenge.

 All our eight Scarlet Runner Beans just planted are missing!!!
 If you know some good tenants please let us know for the coming winter.

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  1. Oh no! We enjoyed planting those scarlet runner beans. Thank you for the fabulous updates, Bala.