Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Magic in Organic Gardening

Hello Friends of Organic Garden,
Here are some magical moments that  uplifted the experience of organic gardener!

Butternut Squash

 Beef Stake Tomatoes

 Bottle Squash Flower (Blooms only in the evenings, hence WHITE)

 Have you spotted me?

 Bumble Bee


 A Beetle. Anyone know the Name?

 A Predator Beetle (Not Harmful to Humans)

 A Glorius Morning, ofcourse

 Honey Bee on the Milk Weed

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Garden in Bloom

Though it is late July / early August, instead of harvesting we enjoy our garden in bloom. Better late than never!!!

Queen Anne's Lace


Sun Flower

Wild Flowers, Does anyone know what it is?


Milkweed, another variety

Daisy, Wild

Guess who?
Mourning Dove
Bitter Melon

 Butternut Squash