Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Spring 2019 -2

Hello Friends of CC Garden,
The good news is we start to see double digit day time highs.  Our seeds indoors have sprouted and growing tall looking out for sun light. Our garden members Genevieve and Joyce are tending 5 flats of seedlings,. Thanks. It is a pleasure to watch them grow. Two more trays are being kept in Early Blooms Child Care. There are more seeds sprouted in the cold frame in our garden itself. See Below. They are mostly Herbs,Greens and Peas.If any one interested in learning about Cold Frame contact: :Cornellcommunitygarden@gmail.com

 Cold Frame in open position (Above)

Cold Frame in Closed position (Below)

Below are Garlic, planted last fall, sprouted nicely and enjoying the cool sunny days. These are Native to Canada. We will save and propagate year after year. Come and enjoy.


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