Monday, 21 July 2014

In Full Swing

The Garden Party on June 22 was a big success, with lots of members, sponsors, supporters and new friends in attendance. Thanks to the generosity of our local businesses and amazing Cornell residents, we also raised over $1000 to help the garden thrive. Watch for more events at the garden, as well as our booth at the CRA Picnic on August 10. If you are interested in hosting a community event in the garden, please get in touch.

The garden season is now well underway, with our fourth harvest date happening tomorrow. It's been amazing to see our little seeds and seedlings thrive! Our members have been dining on fresh, local and well-earned lettuce, kale, Swiss chard and a plethora of herbs, with more produce ripening every day. 

A reminder that the children's garden is open to everyone. We will be adding some signs soon to identify what's growing and how kids (and adults) can work in and learn from the garden.

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