Friday, 16 May 2014

New New Build Dates

Due to circumstances and decision making entirely beyond our control, the size, orientation, layout and build dates for the garden are being moved again. The City has determined due to soil quality issues that the land needs to be excavated rather than tilled. The plus side is that we will have very nice new soil to work worth. The drawback is that the land size will be smaller (however we are working very hard to fit in all the beds we have promised members), will have a different fence style, and a more limited plan for the children's garden. The garden will also now face Almira. We will post more, including a revised design, as soon as we know anything. We are also going to be desperately seeking donations and sponsorship, as the increased cost of excavating has meant the City is unable to cover some of our other costs.

The excavation is planned for the week of May 26. We are tentatively planning for May 31/June 1 for building, and hopefully some planting, and then another planting date on June 8 if needed. Members and signed-up volunteers, you will be getting an email from Nicky with more details as soon as possible. Thank you sincerely for your patience.

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