Friday, 3 May 2013

The Politics of Gardening

We are fortunate, as residents of Markham, to live in a city that is trying to proactively support environmental initiatives and plan for a sustainable future. We are unfortunate, as a committee, to have begun our planning just as the City was beginning to develop a broad framework for community gardens, a framework that must be approved before they can grant us use of city-owned land. This process has at times been frustrating, simply because we are so manically keen to get things off the ground (and in the ground) now, now, NOW! Ultimately, though, the framework will not only provide us with the land on which to grow but also help ensure we are the first of many successful shared gardens in Markham.

The good news is that the community and allotment garden pilot project (of which our garden would be part) is officially on the City Council agenda for Monday, May 6. It is the last item of the day, but anyone who would like to attend and speak on the subject can do so at 9 a.m. when the meeting starts.

The full agenda and information on how to listen live online as well as how to make a deputation (speak to the committee) are available on the City of Markham website

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