Monday, 6 May 2013

One Step Closer!

Exhale everybody: we have received word that General Committee approved the community garden report at today's meeting! For those of you (ahem, us) who have no idea what General Committee means, "General Committee is comprised of all members of Council to consider matters relating to City-owned land and buildings; budget; policy administration and legal matters; by-laws and licenses; recreation and culture, fire and emergency services, the environment, parks, water, waste management, and roads. Recommendations made by General Committee are forwarded to Council for adoption" (from the City of Markham website). That is the next step. Next week, the report -- including the designation of the Cornell Community Garden as a pilot project -- will go to Council for final approval. 
In the meantime, staff from the Sustainability Branch will be setting up a meeting soon to review potential sites for the garden. Getting this information will be huge, because once we know the site we can begin preparations in earnest, including finalizing a design (we have a couple in the works, which we will be sharing soon for feedback!). 
Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and/or wrote in to City Council. We have been heard.

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